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Robert Klose, accompanied by his loyal canine companion Hank, resides and creates within the vibrant artistic community of Fort Collins, Colorado. With an unwavering passion for craftsmanship, Robert's artistic journey is intricately woven into the medium of laser-cut birch plywood. His unique process involves the meticulous layering of relief-cut plywood, a technique that breathes life into his distinctive and captivating designs.

Drawing inspiration from the interplay between natural and architectural marvels found across the globe, Robert's work embodies a harmonious fusion of these diverse influences. The organic curves and symmetrical forms present in the world's landscapes and structures guide his artistic vision, as he channels the essence of these elements into each creation.

Robert's artistic odyssey is one of dedication and innovation, as he continually explores the boundless possibilities of his chosen medium. Through the dance of light and shadow, his creations beckon viewers to embark on a visual journey, unveiling the intricate layers of meaning and inspiration that lie beneath the surface.

With Fort Collins as his backdrop and Hank as his steadfast companion, Robert Klose invites you to delve into his world of laser-cut birch plywood artistry. Each piece he meticulously crafts is a testament to his profound connection with nature, architecture, and the resounding echoes of creativity that shape his artistic expression.

Public installations:

Long Table Brewhouse

2895 Fairfax St

Denver, CO 80207

The Atrium

120 1/2 W. Laurel St

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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