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The Journey series eloquently captures life's voyage, a tapestry of moments where we consciously emphasize what holds value and significance. Let's shift our focus toward the things that truly matter.


Introducing Journey 2.5, the latest addition to the Journey Series. This stunning piece takes the series to new heights, offering a powerful symbol of self-care and reflection. The spirals featured in this design all flow back to the center, representing our journey within to study ourselves and our actions. This piece encourages us to consider the way we move through the world and how we impact others and the things around us. Elevate your home decor with Journey 2.5, a beautiful and thought-provoking work of art.

Journey 2.5

  • Size - Approx. 61" x 45", 13 layers

    This piece is currently only offered in light brown gradient. Please ask about custom color options.

    Each piece comes with a french cleat style circular hanging bracket to make mounting easy on any surface.

  • Delivery and installation for this piece can be arranged for anywhere within a few hours drive of Fort Collins, CO. Please contact me for a quote. For orders outside of this area this item will be shipped via freight. Please feel free to contact me for a current freight quote.

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