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Introducing "Journey 1.1" – a captivating layered laser-cut relief sculpture meticulously crafted from layers of stained plywood. This exquisite artwork elegantly captures the essence of life's transformative journey through an intricately designed spiral motif. A symbol of inner growth expanding outward, "Journey 1.1" serves as a tangible reminder of the profound value in self-reflection.


Each graceful curve of the spiral embodies the concepts of creativity, vitality, and boundless energy, symbolizing the perpetual dance of evolution that shapes our universe. Radiating with cosmic energy, this piece encapsulates the radiance of a universal voyage. "Journey 1.1" is more than art; it's a narrative etched in wood, an eloquent conversation piece that infuses any space with the allure of perpetual evolution. Invite this exquisite portrayal of journey and growth into your surroundings and let its profound tale resonate with your own.



Journey 1.1

  • Size - Approx. 40" diameter, 16 layers

    This piece is currently only offered in light brown gradient. Please ask about custom color options.

    Each piece comes with a french cleat style circular hanging bracket to make mounting easy on any surface.

  • Shipping to anywhere in the continental United States is currently included in the cost of each piece unless otherwise specified. If you would like to ship any products outside of the continental US please contact us before purchasing and we can discuss shipping options and get price estimates. Most of our pieces are made when we receive an order and may take 7 to 14 business days until it ships. If the wait time will be longer than that we will contact you and discuss further options.

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